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Venue and Payment Info

Apologies, but Pole Academy is currently taking a break from teaching classes at the moment for the foreseeable future.

However, If you would like to receive notification of when the classes are back up and running please email your details:

area you live in,
email address and telephone number

to: poleacademy@hotmail.com. Thank you. Luciana x

What to wear
Something that you would normally wear to either an aerobics or a gym session - i.e. jogging bottoms, shorts and a t-shirt etc. You do not need to wear heels at the start, but you can bring them if you wish! Or alternatively, you can buy outfits and shoes for class from our shop.

Heels can be a hindrance at the start of your course but as time goes on you are more than welcome to experiment with them and also with other clothing such as skirts and shorts etc. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible so please turn up on your first day in comfortable clothing and then once you have started the course and got to know the other members of the group you can then decide if slipping into something more adventurous or practical suits you !!

At times you will need to have skin contact with the pole, but for those who are slightly self conscious who will be wearing jogging bottoms, you can either just roll up the trouser leg material to above the knee for that particular pole trick or we will  choose another trick to give you that doesn’t involve exposing your skin if you prefer to do that instead.

Payment can be made either online using a credit/debit card, PAYPAL or by sending us a cheque. Payment will need to be made in full and in advance for each course. Spaces available at the time of booking cannot be guaranteed until payment is received. We will contact you to confirm there are spaces available. Last minute bookings can be made whereby payment is made on the first day of the new course but please be aware that at this late stage spaces cannot be guaranteed, so to avoid disappointment please contact us first to ensure there are still spaces available.

Booking Online
Please book your preferred venue and course date using the online "Buy Now" option and we will confirm your booking by email. You will be notified if there is a problem with your choice of course dates and any other issues regarding your booking. Please fill in all the details in the payment form as accurately as you can. If you are a member of the chosen venue then you will need to confirm to us your membership number.

Payment Plan
Payment Plans are available for those who have difficulty in paying for the course all at once, but there is a fee for this. The rates are as follows:

Weekly – 10% of overall course fee
Fortnightly – 5% of overall course fee

Please contact us to arrange which payment plan best suits you.

Cheque Payments
All cheques need to be made payable to Pole Academy and sent to the following address: Pole Academy, PO Box 1185, Luton, Beds, LU1 9AU.

Please state your FULL NAME, CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER & VENUE INFORMATION. i.e Sarah Smith - Fitness First for Women - Jan Beginner course, Saturdays 2:00pm - 3:30pm.

If you are booking on the behalf of someone else then that persons name needs to be written down also and their contact details. If you are making a payment for a group of you then ALL the names of those being booked in and their contact details are required as well.

We will contact you to confirm that your payment has been received and we will then confirm the booking to you. If you could notify us that payment is on its way we will temporarily reserve the space for you at your chosen venue and date to avoid disappointment. This space will be temporarily reserved for 3 days.

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