Pole Dancing Classes, Courses, Lessons & Hen Parties. Pole Dance for Fun and Fitness in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.
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Pole Dancing Classes, Courses, Lessons & Hen Parties. Pole Dance for Fun and Fitness in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Apologies, but Pole Academy is currently taking a break from teaching classes at the moment for the foreseeable future.

However, If you would like to receive notification of when the classes are back up and running please email your details:

area you live in,
email address and telephone number

to: poleacademy@hotmail.com. Thank you. Luciana x

An alternative fun way of keeping fit, Pole Dancing works your body from head to toe, thus improving muscle tone, flexibility and stamina. It also works muscles you never knew existed!

Until recently, pole dancing classes were only available to those who wanted to dance in strip clubs and you would have had to travel quite a distance for the nearest venue – mainly London. Pole Academy has brought pole dancing home to Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, so that you don’t have to travel so far to get the same quality of classes, and by introducing it to local gyms it enables us to teach it for fun and fitness as well as those who want to pole dance for a living. It is becoming increasingly popular nationwide, pole dancing classes are now being seen as the ultimate challenge for fitness! Health and Fitness clubs in Herts and Beds are supporting Pole Academy in its campaign to remove the stigma attached to pole dancing and the way in which it is being promoted.

Pole Academy has recently won an award for “Excellence in Alternative Fitness” - a great achievement when you are faced with tough competition. Not only does pole dancing keep you fit, it also boosts self-confidence. Many celebrities have sworn by it such as Kate Moss, Zoe Ball, Angelina Jolie, and Kylie Minogue - to name a few. We teach courses from beginner through to advanced so you have plenty variety on offer!

Performed well, a pole dance routine can be extremely breathtaking and a skilled dancer will make every trick in their routine look easy. Packed with exotic moves, floor work and impressive pole tricks, our pole dance routines are demonstrated with elegance and taught professionally by skilled instructors with excellent teaching abilities. We pride ourselves in our teaching techniques, which gives us a 100% success rate with all of our students achieving all they are set out to do. You needn’t worry about being a complete novice! Although at times some tricks will be challenging, we will ensure that you have lots of fun trying! We teach our classes with the safety of our students in mind, keeping our class numbers low to ensure we are able to supervise everyone properly, thus ensuring there are no injuries. You do not need to be either extremely fit or flexible to join our classes, just generally healthy. Women of all ages and sizes are welcome!

Our pole dancing classes are held at various health and fitness clubs, sports facilities, leisure centres and dance studios within Herts and Beds. Herts: St.Albans & Hatfield - Beds: Luton, Dunstable & Bedford.

We are always looking for more venues so please call us if you wish to hold classes at your venue.


Taster sessions, courses, hen & birthday parties, group bookings and private tuition.
Gift vouchers are also available.

Browse through our photos to see the kind of thing you can learn with our pole dance academy.
Go on, take the plunge and find your inner self! - It’ll be worth it!

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