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Courses / Classes / Poles

Courses - Beginners – Intermediate – Advanced
We run 6 week courses at all of our venues. Class duration is 1½ hours per session per week. This consists of a warm up, then the class itself and a cool down afterwards. Slightly longer than the average pole dance class so that you can spend more time on the pole and get better value for your money. The course always starts off with a demonstration of the routine that you are about to learn. Course prices vary with venue, please see venue table for details. All students are given a certificate on completion of the course.

Class numbers are kept to no more than ten to twelve in a class and no more than two poles per class. This enables us to focus on individuals better and give them the best chance to develop their techniques to a good standard. It also ensures the safety of our students. Learning difficult pole tricks requires the undivided attention of the instructor and this cannot be done with too many students in the class all doing the same thing at the same time!

Above: At LA Fitness in Bedford
We are also able to offer the flexibility of mixed classes. This is especially useful for those on awkward shift patterns who may not be able to attend every session within the six week course. All our courses and sessions run in parallel to each other so you have the option of joining another class at a different day, time or venue to catch up and then go back to your pre scheduled course after that. If this applies to you please let us know so that we can try to accommodate you as best we can.

Taster Sessions and Group bookings
Taster sessions are a good way of “trying before you buy” – You have the chance to see a typical dance routine and learn some of the basics before committing yourself to the course.

Taster sessions are usually held on the first day of the new Beginner course so that you can learn how to start a routine and you then have the option to continue with the rest of the Beginner course. You would then just pay for the remaining 5 weeks. The taster session will need to paid for in advance as per the courses to secure your space, but you can pay for the remaining 5 weeks at the taster session. Priced at £20.00 per person.

A taster session can be purchased from our payments page.

Group Bookings
We are able to provide the option of booking a taster or a course for your group exclusively, although the dates and venues will be limited. If you would like to book a taster for your group separately and on a day/time specifically for you then the charge for this taster is £25.00 per person. Membership discount does not apply to the taster sessions. The minimum group number requirement for such bookings is 5 persons.

The same applies to book a course exclusively for your group. The minimum number for a group booking for the course is 5 persons and this is charged at the standard rate of usual course fees. Membership discounts do apply if you are a member of the venue you are intending to book your course with.

Group Bookings can be purchased from our payments page.

Hen / Birthday parties
These are usually held at the venues listed. Designed and adapted to be more about fun and frolicks as opposed to learning a course in depth, it is a taster with a difference! You start off with a warm up, then a pole dance taster session as usual and after that you will be introduced to a bit of Lap Dancing! This session is for 2 hours and includes champagne. - Priced at £40.00 per person.

Other Options:
Just Pole Dancing with Champagne for 1 ½ hours - £35.00 per person
Just Pole Dancing with Champagne for 1 hour - £30.00 per person

Minimum charge is for 5 persons. Those who attend in groups that consist of more than five persons but do not take part, will not be charged for.

A full breakdown of the hen party packages including "buy now" buttons can be found on our payments page.

Private tuition
These are also held at the venues listed, or if you have a pole installed at your home then the instructor would come to you. Private tuition is normally more beneficial and better value for money to the student once they have completed the beginner course or have some knowledge and experience in pole dancing. This way the private tuition would be more about polishing and perfecting your technique as opposed to learning everything from scratch, which would work out to be more expensive in the long run. The benefits from private sessions however, is that you spend more time on your own with the instructor in a more private setting. Priced at £60.00 per hour at one of the venues listed or £40.00 per hour at your own home.

Buying a pole
The removable poles we provide are adjustable and are engineered for commercial use. Please be very careful when considering buying a pole from anyone apart from us. Some that are available on the internet do not state that they are not designed to withstand extreme pressure and movement as would be expected when getting to the intermediate and advanced levels. We have heard some horror stories of poles bending/coming apart in the middle, and falling down. Our poles come with instructions and the accessories required for set up and we can also provide the fixings required if you want to install your pole permanently. You need a solid contact point at your ceiling for the pole plate to line up to i.e a joist or a beam (These can be found above the plaster board at your ceiling) and a solid floor. For further advice please contact us. Dance poles are priced at £150.00 each and includes delivery.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pole from our shop.

If you would like to book a taster, a group or party booking, buy a pole or if you have any queries on the above, please contact us.

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